discuss the impact of the COVID-19 virus on urban areas. 

discuss the impact of the COVID-19 virus on urban areas. . This paper is designed to discuss the impact of the COVID-19 virus on urban areas.  You may focus on various types of urban areas (cities, suburbs, exurbs, even rural/non-urban areas).  You should use headings to structure your paper around pivotal themes from the class (possible ideas include: economy, social interactions, housing, education, crime, poverty, race, gender, government, etc.).  As you write, discuss in detail how COVID-19 has impacted each theme you select.  Think of all the different ways COVID has impacted urban life.  Be sure your connections to the course material are clear.  Identify and apply several course terms/concepts in your paper.  As you use course terms, be sure to BOLD them.  This assignment must be submitted through CANVAS.  There is no hard page limit, though a rough guideline would be about 4-7 pages (with standard font and margins).  Please see attached rubric below.







Introduction explains the context of the COVID-19 virus in good detail. The Author explains the scope of the paper (e.g. a clear structure is laid-out).

Introduction explains the context of the COVID-19 virus in some detail. The Author hints the scope of the paper, though could have elaborated.

Introduction explains the context of the COVID-19 virus in good detail. The Author fails to explain the scope of the paper.


Information is very organized around important concepts which serve as subheadings. Many course theories and/or terms are used to support the discussion of COVID’s impact on pivotal themes from the course.  The author Bolds terms as they are used.

Information is very loosely organized around important course themes. Some course theories and/or terms are used in the analysis.  The author sometimes Bolds terms as they are used.

Information is very not organized. Few or zero course theories and/or terms are used in the analysis.  The author fails to Bold course terms as they are used.


Author sums up their findings nicely discussing big implications of their conclusions.  The author offers advice based on their analysis for city policy makers on the best ways to handle pandemics.

Author briefly sums up their findings.  The author offers little advice based on their analysis for city policy makers based off the conclusions.

Author does not sum up their findings nor discuss broader implications or ties to public policy based off his/her conclusions.

discuss the impact of the COVID-19 virus on urban areas. 

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